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Additional Things to Think About When Purchasing the Best Watch Winder

The best watch winder comes with many additional features. Even though they are less essential, their presence can improve the elegance and functionality of the winder. Here are some extra features that you might want to get in your watch winder.

Low Noise Level

This feature might seem trivial compared to the essentials, such as the TPD and rotation. But if you are a light sleeper who is very sensitive to noise, this feature might be important for you. If you put the watch winder in your bedroom, this can be a nice extra feature.

The machine of the winder will naturally produce a noise. It might disturb you, especially if you have a big watch winder box with multiple slots. Thankfully, modern high-end watch winders are quiet or only produce a low humming sound. Older watch winders on the low-price range might still produce loud and annoying sounds. Make sure you do some research first if the low noise level matters to you.


Do you know that the best watch winder often comes with a lighting system? Once again, it might not seem like an important feature. But if you want to use the watch winder to showcase your beautiful watch collection, it will be an essential feature that you don’t want to miss.

The function of the lighting is simply to make the watch inside the winder box look more visible and attractive. The light is dim, so it is not enough to brighten the whole room or hurt your eyes when you are sleeping. 

The Cushion

A watch winder comes with a cushion or pillow to rest your watches. The cushion is usually wrapped with beautiful velvet fabric. You have to pay attention to the size of the pillow and also the size of your watch. Make sure the pillow is soft and plush so that it will not overstretch the bracelet. 

Some watch winders come with a spring-loaded holder instead of a cushion. One is not superior to the other. It is simply a matter of preference. While the cushion looks more elegant, the spring-loaded holder looks more streamlined and modern.

There are still many extra features that you can get since the watch winders manufacturers are getting more and more creative. You can also consider your style and choose the shape, color, and material of the watch winder. Before considering the extra features, you should pay attention to the essentials first. You have to purchase the best watch winder to maintain the condition of your automatic watches. 

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