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Don’t Choose Wrong Watch Winder Automatic! Follow These 7 Tips!

Buying a watch winder automatic is a big investment for every automatic watch collector. You do not want to make a wrong choice by following these tips for choosing a watch winder.

Get a Watch Winder with Program Settings

When buying a watch winder, you have to make sure that the product comes with program settings. It must be able to handle various turns per day requirements. To get a winder that can handle almost all automatic watches, you need a winder with 650-1800 daily turns.

Your winder choice is great if it can also rotate in various direction options. By choosing one that can rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, and also bidirectionally, any automatic watch can fit in the winder.

Choose a Watch Winder with Build Quality

The build quality of the watch winder automatic is also important. You should choose a product with motor shielding to avoid the watch being magnetized over time. Choosing a cheap winder can lead you to these problems. That is why you should get the winder from mid-market to high-end range to avoid this problem.

Consider Watch Position in the Winder

You also need to consider the watch position when it is placed in the winder. A great watch winder must make the watch in a vertical position. This way, the gravity force can be optimized on each rotation.

Choose Winder with Appropriate Holders, Pillows, and Cushions

The holders, pillows, and cushions in the winder should also be paid attention greatly. You do not want to find your watch band overly expanded. In this circumstance, choosing a winder with a plush enough pillow or cushion is necessary. You can also choose a unit with spring-loaded holders.

Don’t Forget About Noise Level

Many people find annoying noise from their watch winders. It is normal for the watch winder automatic to make noise when working but it is not a big problem any longer because modern manufacturing techniques can solve the noise problem.

The winder can run easily. No annoying sound will be heard even when you put the winder in your bedroom or office. You do not have to buy an expensive winder to get a quiet unit.

Consider Power Supply

The early options of watch winder usually came with the battery as its main power source. It was not an ideal choice, after all. That is why nowadays people can find winders that can use both battery and power adapters.

Pay Attention to Aesthetics

Last but least, you want a watch winder automatic that will look great on display. It must also be able to display the watch beautifully. Aesthetic matters for choosing the best watch winder, for sure.

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